Windmill Studios is a dynamic production company.

From creative to post we’ve got you covered. Meet with our team as early as the conception phase of your project or anywhere along the way.

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What We Do

Commercial shoot

Have an Idea?

Need a commercial? Have a script or television concept you are ready to move forward on?

Sit with the team at Windmill Studios and our creative crew at Unflexed Entertainment. Discuss how to move forward through your entire process with us. We quote you for what you need. You say yes. Your commercial/show/feature gets made! It’s as simple as that!

What sets Windmill Studios apart as a production company?

We have every aspect of production under one roof. We have our own Studios, Equipment, and a Production Crew second to none.

The Shop has the capabilities to make our Creative Team’s visions into reality.

We work with some of the top Film Crews in country.

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